Art Three

Text Art 

For my Digging Deeper part of this project, I created a Pinterest board of all of my ideas and inspirations for this project.

My challenges that I chose to do for this was a blackout poem, turning the word "rain" into a picture of rain drops, and writing the word "pink" inside of the Pink logo of a dog. 

My final project for this will be a person on a swing, made out of clay. I will wrap the clay in strips of text from a book and create a clay tree branch that I will also cover in text, but the tree branch will be coming out of a book, and the swing with the little person will be attached to the tree branch. So it will all be wrapped up in text, but I used different mediums to get there. 

Text Art Final Project

Blocking Out the World

For my final project, I chose to cut into a book and create a scene of a man sitting on a swing that's hanging from a tree branch, and he's reading a book. All of it is wrapped in strips of text that I cut up and I used the white clay stuff to form the figures.  I used gel medium to make the strips of text stick to the forms, and I let it dry. I then hot glued the man to the swing and glued the tree into the corner of the book and attached the man and the swing with string to the branch. It wasn't very hard to do, but it was certainly a tedious project to make sure everything worked together to create something that was unusual but creative and kind of fun at the same time. I liked working on this project because every time I finished one part and I was able to move on to the next, it was exciting to see it all come together. I chose to do this because in the past two years of art, I've never been able to be this flexible with what I wanted to do, and to create good art that is your best, I think that you should have the flexibility to be as creative as you want. I have never done something like this before and I'm glad I did because from this experience, I was able to branch out a bit with my capabilities and stretch myself, as far as my artwork goes.

Acrylic Painting

My next project will be an acrylic painting and I have started my Digging Deeper portion of the process. These are some of the pictures I found on Pinterest that I will use for my inspiration for the painting.

I want to paint either a peacock or a silhouette of some sort.  I want to paint a peacock because it's bright and vibrant and it will draw the looker in to look at the specific detail and the way the colors will work together. I also think that a silhouette would be interesting because it would stand out a lot when painted in acrylics. I haven't decided which one I would like to do yet, but these are the two that I would love to try and do.

Acrylic Painting: Indescribable 

After a few weeks of sitting on it, I decided that instead of a silhouette of sorts, or something along the lines of zentangle, I wanted to paint something that had meaning to me and that I had a passion for. I chose to paint a picture of a photograph of me overlooking Port-au-prince, Haiti, while on a mission trip. The photograph is surreal; the colors are vivid and you can see God's work in every part of it. Because I can not put into words how magnificent and beautiful my God and His work is, I titled this painting as Indescribable.
I still wanted to bring my own creativity into this piece and I wanted to incorporate some of my original ideas into it as well, so I decided to make the land zentangle and add in some peacock feathers in the bottom right side.  As I was painting this, I went through a couple of periods where I had to take a break for a day or two and think on my color choices for each portion of this painting. In total, it took me around two months to complete when it could have taken me two weeks. I am very happy with the way that this turned out, although I am disappointed in that I was unable to capture the essence of the original photograph. Overall, I am very content with this piece because I got to see what I was really capable of doing and I know that I put in a great amount of work and effort to make this come together.  

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  1. Hey,

    What I overlooked till I saw this post was that your art tells a story. This is cool because it is an actual book and also the person on the swing is reading a book as well. Yet, the book you choose is more a scientific book than a novel. So when I view your art I ask myself, what is this person reading? The scene (sitting on a swing) makes me think the person is just enjoying a work of fiction. However, the scientific text makes me question if perhaps they are studying for an exam.

    Great art makes the viewer ask these types of questions and that is what you have created here.