Monday, February 11, 2013

iPad Value Study

I think that there are many differences between the oil pastels that we've used in class and the Layers Pro app that we used in the media center.  I think that the oil pastels are much easier to use than the app. Its's a lot easier to screw up on the app and I just dont think that it feels the same as the regular oil pastels.  It is easier to blend though, which helps some.  I think that my cone was definetly the best object of them all because it was easiest to shade.  My cube was obviously my worst one because the colors I used turned into mush from so much blending.  I also had part of the background on the cube too which didn't help much.  I think that my shadows were pretty accurate though so that was another accomplishment.  Technology is useful and important in art because it shows you which way you like to do art better.  I think that I like the regular oil pastels better, but using this technology was a good experience.

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