Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Print Making Project

To create this print, we had to first draw a sketch of what animal we wanted to do.  I picked a seahorse and I drew a sketch of that.  We had to make sure that when we were drawing, we added texture and different patterns.  So when we chose what part of our drawing we were going to use to print, we had to make sure that it had texture in it.  Then we traced the part of our sketch that we wanted onto tracing paper and traced the back of the tracing paper as well.  Once both sides of the tracing paper were traced, we put the paper on the linoleum and traced the markings back onto the linoleum.  Once the markings of our sketches were on the linoleum, we took a carving tool and carved out the parts that we wanted to be white and we left the rest colored.  Then we decided what colored paper and ink we wanted and we did practice rounds with it.  Then we chose what final ones we wanted as our final product.  I thought that this project was a lot of fun and pretty easy, as long as you didnt mess up.  I did good at the sketching part, but my challenge was deciding what parts to leave white and what parts to leave colored.  I learned that you have to be carful when carving out the linoleum so that you dont mess up.  Make sure to do the minimum carving that you can so that you arent stuck with ruined linoleum!

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